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The Live and Let Live Business Directory is an international network of businesses that support the Live and Let Live Principle and Movement.  To be approved for inclusion in the directory, a business must specifically confirm their agreement with both the Live and Let Live Principle and the Live and Let Live Pledge.  


The purpose of the Live and Let Live Business Directory is to create a collection of pro-live and let live businesses so consumers can support pro-live and let live businesses.  Money in the hands of business people who are pro-live and let live is certainly preferable than enriching people who stand for the status quo or worse. 

America was founded upon principles of self-ownership, strictly limited government, individual rights and responsibilities, and free markets.  Indeed, it was these very principles that allowed America to honestly refer to itself as the “land of the free.”  These are the same principles that gave rise to the American Revolution and eventually made America a great and free nation.  However, America has largely lost its way.  Indeed, most countries of the world have also adopted anti-freedom policies. 

Our world has become a collection of big intrusive governments with ever-increasing taxing and spending on the endless cradle to grave government-sponsored social programs.  As a result, most countries of the world are buried under crushing debt and subject to an ever-increasing tax and regulatory burden. The ideas and values that promote human happiness and raise standards of living have mostly been forgotten or discarded.  

Just as other groups have peacefully and successfully supported each other, pro-live and let live people now have the same opportunity.  Let’s support each other and do our best to restore those principles that raise standards of living and increase human happiness while reducing human suffering.  We all need to do our part if we are committed to realizing a free and peaceful world.

By joining you are agreeing to the Live and Let Live Statement of Principles.

Thanks for submitting!

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