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30+ chapters in 19 countries in process already


The Live and Let Live Movement is open to all people who accept the Live and Let Live Principle.  The Movement welcomes people of all countries, all races, all national origins, any economic status, any sexual orientation, all faiths and people of no faith.  Any person who truly accepts the Live and Let Principle is welcome and encouraged to join the Movement.  As such, you must confirm your agreement by checking the box indicating you indeed agree with the Live and Let Live Principle.  

Additionally, to join the Movement, please complete the form below with your name and email address.  Your name and email address will be used solely to keep you informed about relevant information regarding the Live and Let Live Movement.  Your information will not be sold. 

I pledge to abide by the Live and Let Live Principle, which affirms that all human beings have the right to their life, freedom and property, to peacefully do with as they choose. In order to live as I choose, I must allow others to live as they choose. I therefore pledge not to violate by any means the equal rights of my neighbors to peacefully pursue their lives as they see fit, whether they live next door or across the globe, so long as they do the same.


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