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David Hathaway

Sheriff of Santa Cruz County, Arizona, USA

I am Sheriff David Hathaway and I am very pleased to endorse and participate in the “Live and Let Live” global peace movement. I am a member of a five-generation local pioneer family and am the elected Sheriff of Santa Cruz County, Arizona. I have been married to my wife Karen for 37 years and we have nine children together and multiple grandchildren. We are residents of Nogales, Arizona which borders a sister city in Mexico of the same name.  As Sheriff, I actively promote peaceful economic and social relationships within my community and with those that visit the area. I believe that the “Live and Let Live” concept perfectly expresses a universal Golden Rule philosophy and is a succinct way of expressing a simple standard for our own personal and societal behavior when interacting with others and when pursuing dispute resolution. 

Rowland Kingsley

Freedom Activist in Nigeria

Rowland Kingsley is a graduate from the African Centre for development and strategy, Atlas Network Academy Alumni and presently an African Liberty International representative in Nigeria. Rowland has worked with Students for Liberty (SFL) on freedom and liberty development in Africa to its top executive level as West African Regional coordinator. He has interest in expanding the project on libertarianism across African University and promoting kids4Biz and ideas for capitalism among High School students across Africa. He is very passionate about individual freedom and equal economic rights. In recent years he has hosted events for High School students on capitalism and kids4Biz and co-hosted liberty forum in Nigeria with over 2,000 participants within 3 years. He has also moderated international events as a speaker and panelist for local and international platform on African political and economic development, individual liberty, free speech, drug policy, and open society. In the future, he plans to work with Liberty International to establish an institute of libertarianism within a university community to promote the African Libertarian philosophy and economic development as Party liberty International project in Africa which involves: academic research, publication, research grant and foreign exchange program.

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